VIDEO: Chris Brown Throws Out Plea Bargain, Could Go To Jail If Found Guilty

Recently released Singer Chris Brown has turned down a plea bargain arranged for him and now could face jail time.

The prosecutor and Chris’s lawyer had been arranging this deal for some time now but the pop star has bailed on the deal.

Having tasted Jail time, the troubled star isn’t afraid anymore of going to jail.

TMZ is reporting that Chris has stated that he didn’t touch the fan in 2013 near a D.C Hotel.

The deal would have happened if Chris plead guilty, he won’t go to jail but would have to serve community service and have the charge on his records.

His Bodyguard has already been convicted and the trial date has been set for early September.

Chris Brown has been having legal issues since when he was convicted of domestic abuse on his then girlfriend, fellow pop star Rihanna.

It is alleged that he and his bodyguard beat up a man who tried to join in a photo of Chris and his fans.

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