MP To Sue Serial Caller

The Member of Parliament for the Takoradi Constituency, Dr Kobinah Okyere Darko-Mensah, has threatened to sue one Baba Ali, a popular serial caller in the oil city of Takoradi, for repeatedly using the airwaves to denigrate him.

He said, among other things, that the serial caller had accused him of reneging on his 2012 campaign promise to paint all houses in Takoradi.

This accusation, the MP said, was not only unfounded, but unguarded. He said his initial reaction was to treat the whole matter with contempt, but the serial caller would not stop his negative activities.

He said what broke the camel’s back was the latest accusation that he solicited funding from his constituents to execute a library project, but this had been marred by controversies.

Under the circumstance, he said, he had no other option than to compel the serial caller, believed to be sympathetic to the cause of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC), to retract and apologise or face the consequence of the court action, adding: “I have not mobilised any funds from anybody for a library project, and I don’t know why this particular man takes delight in soiling my hard-earned reputation.”

The MP explained that he initially thought Baba Ali was suffering from hallucination or mental instability when he fired the first salvo. But upon checks he personally conducted, he realised that propaganda was the agenda being employed by the latter to run him down.

He said when the second salvo was fired, he gave Baba Ali three days to retract and apologise on the same radio network, but the young man called his bluff.

“I am, therefore, compelled to head to court to clear my good name since Baba Ali has refused to do the most sensible thing,” the MP stressed.