Manly-Spain Deflects Criticism

Henry Ekow Manly-Spain, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) ace, who is in strong contention for the Greater Accra regional chairmanship of the party, has paused to answer a developing criticism from his detractors.

In answer to reasoning by some people in the party that he will not be an available party chairman if he is voted into office, because he is already an engaged businessman, Mr. Manly-Spain has thrown back rhetoric about unemployment, in answer.

“Am I supposed to feel unfit to be chairman because I am not a jobless man? Is party chairmanship only good for unemployed people?”

The industrious Manly-Spain is a prolific entrepreneur with a large business spread that includes an airline, a construction company and a boxing promotion company.

With his entrepreneurial achievements being a strong selling point in the campaign to unseat Joseph Ade Coker as the NDC’s Greater Accra regional chairman, in the party’s upcoming regional executive’s elections, detractors recently resorted to claiming that his businesses will take all of his time as chairman.

“Even now that I am not chairman, my businesses have not been in the way of my party activities, is it when I become chairman rather that they will come in the way”, Manly-Spain asked rhetorically in an interview yesterday.

He explained that, like all entrepreneurs, there are managers that he has employed to take care of his businesses. The engagement of managers, he said enables him to make time for other pursuits in his life.

Besides, he said the attempt to use his success in enterprise as a point against his suitability for chairmanship shoots totally off mark, because, on the contrary, his involvement in business means he is in the position to contribute more to the party financially.

Already, the generosity of Manly-Spain towards the party and party comrades is well known in the NDC.

Unlike some people whose tenure as party chairmen have been dogged by allegations of greed and profiteering at the expense of the party, Mr. Manly-Spain posits that his success in life will leave no room for malfeasance if he is made chairman.

In addition, manly-Spain’s resourcefulness to the party, even while not an executive, is enough compelling reason to foresee him as a reliable person.

“So are my detractors saying that entrepreneurs are not welcome to be executives of the NDC?” he asked.

Mr. Manly-Spain is leading the pack in an explosive contest for the Greater Accra chairmanship of the NDC.

His contenders include Nii Tackie Commey, a former Member of Parliament for Odododiodio, Mr. Daniel Amartey Mensah, a former Lekma MCE, and the incumbent, Joseph Ade Coker.

So far, however, Manly-Spain seems to be in the lead of the pack in contention.