Lydia Weeps For Child Slaves

Ghanaian actress Lydia Forson says she will not relent in her effort to free underprivileged children who have been sold into slavery by their parents under the pretext of making a living.

According to Lydia, humanity has failed to address the problem of slavery, which still persists in Africa many disguised forms.

A few months ago Lydia collaborated with Right To Be Free, an organisation owned by one Eric Peasah, to rescue a 12-year-old boy who had been trafficked to the Volta Region of Ghana for child labour.

The actress embarked on a similar project last week to rescue other kids.

She took to her Facebook page yesterday to pour out her frustration about the issue of child trafficking and slavery.

“We have failed! We vowed that we would never perpetuate such injustice against humanity; but today slave trade has taken a modern sophisticated twist. Millions of people are sold daily around the world and we do very little about it. We all hear the nasty stories, cry a little and move on with our lives. Yet everywhere we turn we are surrounded by these inhumane acts.

“Today when you step out of your house, try this, for every little child you see who seems out of place i.e. selling on the street, or begging for money, ask a simple question. “Where are you from?

“Chances are they will lie. But probe further and you will see something in their eyes; a cry for help,” Lydia campaigned on behalf of the underprivileged children yesterday.