Bang-Yili Royal Gate Issue Statement OnThe Murdered Contender Of Gbugma-Yili Gate To The Naung Throne

The killings in Bimbilla are demonstratably sufficient to undermine the integrity of Nanumba Traditional Area and its traditional authority.

The act is inhumane, barbaric, merciless, heartless and uncultured. We “Bang-Yili Royal Gate” stand firm to condemn the
atrocious act. The right to end a person life does not reside in another person.

Under our existing state laws and traditional norms and values of Nanumbas, it is completely unacceptable and out of the borders of state law.

Like the right to life, the right to death is fraught with ambiguities and dilemma. Is only the Almighty God Who has the right to give and end life.

We believe there is evidence that the government and state machineries are doing more than good to bring perpetrators of this act to book. It is important to add that the government and the general public do not politicise the chieftaincy dispute since this would be a proven failure in finding a lasting solution to the people of Nanung.

If government and the people of Nanung de-glamourise these killings and use its powers effectively in finding these perpetrators it will bring a lasting solution to this problems and we would be much better off in Nanung.

The expression of state authority in our area, particularly the joint police and military arrest couple with some maltreatment however attack the fundamental human rights and reduced freedom of the ordinary citizens of Nanung.

As much as the state wants our relatives who have been arrested to assist in the investigation of the gruesome murder we demand to know their whereabouts if really the rule of law is the order in seeking justice in Ghana.

The principle of asking for names from opponents, search for ammunitions, from only houses of the Bang yili gate, taking personal mobile phones with force and beating of innocent women and children from the Bang yili gate or sympathetic to the late Naa Salifu.

Government and state machinery should be used in dispute resolution of the Bimbilla Chieftaincy not to undertake in the suppression of the people. The rights and liberties of ordinary citizens in Nanung are being impinged by the current exercise. It is important to note that suspects have certain rights to be protected and it necessary to
obtain a balance between the joint police and military powers and individual rights especially when ordinary citizens’ rights are being threatened.

Sustainable conflict resolution depends on effective media participation in the resolution process. The occurrence of the killings in Bimbilla has attracted much attention of the
media in their attempt to assist in the conflict resolution which is commendable.

However, there are some distortions of facts regarding the chieftaincy challenge in Nanung. For instance, there is no substantive chief or overlord of Bimbilla since the matter of the
chieftaincy dispute is before a competent court of jurisdiction and the noble National House of Chiefs in Ghana.

Also, the two contenders to the throne were coming from the same royal gate-Gbugma-Yili and not as is being perceived to be between Bang-Yili and Gbugma-Yili Royal gates. We iterate the media to be professional in their duty as far this matter is concerned They need to incisively interrogate the issues logically and professionally to come out with evidence-based facts and information for the general public

Sustainable management of this emerged internal conflict remained a challenge in our part of the developing northern sector. We call on the government and all state machinery to halt the burial preparation and direct their attention to resolving the dispute strategically and in a holistic manner.

Government should work with all stakeholders to finding a lasting solution to the problem. There needs to be a road map negotiated and acceptable to all stakeholders to address the problem.

Such a resolution should not seek to be free of political interests. State machinery understanding of the chieftaincy issues in Bimbilla will lead to true resolution rather than a temporary fixing of the problem or “firefighting” as is the current situation.

We pray for the repose of all departed souls in Nanung. Amen!!!