RE: Alan Boys Fingered In NPP Headquarters Hijack

Our attention has been drawn to a fictitious claim in today’s edition of the Ghanaian Palaver, a pro-NDC newspaper and certain online news portals seeking to link Mr. Alan Kyerematen to the unfortunate incident that occurred at the NPP headquarters which necessitated a temporal closure of the party headquarters by the Ghana Police Service.

Though, we are saddened by the turn of events, the office of Mr. Alan Kyerematen unequivocally denies the said publication. It is palpably untrue and a well-orchestrated mischief to generate disaffection for Mr. Alan Kyerematen.

The security operatives purported to have ‘stormed’ the party headquarters to replace the old guards are unknown to Mr. Alan Kyerematen and neither are they on his pay-roll.

The disposition of Mr. Alan Kyerematen both in public and private life does not depict one who will condone or countenance any form of violence or intimidation. His personal traits are what has endeared him to be known as a humble, affable and peace-loving gentleman by all.

We entreat the entirety of NPP supporters and the general public to totally disregard such an obvious falsehood. Mr. Alan Kyerematen is firm and undisturbed by the seeming diabolical agenda by certain persons within the media and political landscape.

Mr. Kyerematen is committed to play by the rules of engagement and most importantly to deliver power in 2016. Let us all get involved in uniting our party for this singular purpose.


Patrick Longdon

For: Office of Alan Kyerematen