Four Feared Dead In Explosion At Folawiyo Fuel Depot In Apapa, Lagos

The ever-busy Creek Road, Apapa, Lagos, was shaken by a powerful explosion close to Folawiyo fuel depot in the night of June 25, 2014, Wednesday.

According to Vanguard, the blast occurred abound 8.30pm. At least four buildings, including two banks, were damaged by the explosion.

Blast at Folawiyo Fuel Depot In Apapa, Lagos

* The scene of Apapa blast. Photo credit – Vanguard. 

The exact number of causalities is yet to be specified. First reported number of people killed by the blast is four.

An eyewitness, who introduced himself as Musa Ali, revealed that he had narrowly escaped death during the blast:

“I am a truck conductor and my truck was on the queue. I was walking towards Folawiyo Junction when I heard the explosion. I thought it was an earthquake. When I looked up I saw a large ball of fire at the spot where I was to buy food and a woman in front of me was badly injured,” he told to Vanguard.

More to follow.

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