Commercial drivers lament over fuel shortage

Commercial drivers have expressed frustration as some wail bitterly over fuel shortage in parts of the capital city of Accra.

The adopted signal by pump attendants is to wave at needy fuel users not to come further because they have run out of the commodity.

The phenomenon has persisted for the past three days compelling commercial drivers to park their vehicles either at home or nearby filling stations expecting the stations to miraculously get them fuel.

The drivers have called on government to guarantee the situation would be managed to empower them to work and continue fending for their families under the current economic hardship.

Ghana’s economy has been described by many as nearing collapse but others disagree with the assertion.

Private car owners, on the other hand, are also hit by the situation and have parked their cars at home and joined their colleagues who are fortunate to have filled their fuel tanks prior to the shortage. observed on Wednesday that while some motorists filling mini gallons with fuel as a form of storage for the days ahead, others joining very longer queues just to get some drops of fuel into their tanks.

Meanwhile, some fuel stations Joy News visited Wednesday morning in Achimota, Abeka Junction, Tesano and the Kwame Nkrumah Circle had completely ran out of fuel and were uncertain when to receive any delivery from suppliers.

The government owes the Bulk Oil Distribution Companies (BDCs) GH1.5 billion and according to the Chief Executive Officer of the Chamber, Senyo Hosi, until that money is paid to allow them settle international suppliers, the situation would linger on.

Media reports suggest there is stock available on the shores of Ghana ready to be delivered but for financial reasons, they are held up.

Mr. Hosi noted that the BDCs could not buy because the banks were unwilling to make credits available since the outfit (BDCs) were ‘heavily indebted’ to them.

He further told Joy Midday News that they have had discussions with government Tuesday and the latter has shown commitment to resolve the situation as soon possible.

‘Petrol has a little less than three days accessible stock, hoping to improve upon it to increase it to about six days,’ he said, adding that Diesel has just six days of fuel.

He claimed the situation ‘has become much real than I even thought and we expect some improvement on that. We had some meetings yesterday with government and there’s a willingness and commitment to help resolve it.’

‘In my opinion you don’t solve simple problems with sophisticated solutions’ and further advised that government stopped the subsidies while making some payments to the banks to enable the BDCs bounce back to business, he emphasized.

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