Boko Haram: Nigerian Military Placed On RED ALERT

In fear of the Boko Haram insurgents infiltration, Nigerian military personnel members were reportedly placed on red alert yesterday.

Nigerian army

Photo: Nigerian army

The Nation also reports that some restrictions were imposed on Facebook networking by officers and other ranks, plus the security staff was prevented from taking annual leaves and from travelling out of their official postings.

In general, all who were absent for some official reason or meant to leave, were returned.

According to one of the sources, the mass red alert, which is usually issued in case of potential security risk, was aimed at eradicating “threats in the system”.

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The military source was quoted saying:

“The security challenges in the country require a state of alertness on the part of officers and men in the Armed Forces… We want everyone restricted to his or her duty post and barracks to avert infiltration by the insurgents. Some of these insurgents have been trying to induce military men but they have never succeeded.”

It would be recalled that only last week the Nigerian security claimed that the dreaded sect might use hijacked petrol tankers to bomb Abuja, which caused panic among the country capital residents.

Regarding the Internet limitations, the source said that in was a common practice in the world, because criminals use network to learn more about their “enemy”.

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“Our officers and men can be on Facebook but without reference to their military positions or postings or assignments. This is a policy even in the United States and most advanced countries.”

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