Vodafone Always Complies With NCA Directives

Our attention has been drawn to media publications suggesting that Vodafone has not complied with the recent directives from the National Communications Authority (NCA). We wish to state that contrary to the publications, Vodafone has complied with the directives issued on June 6 2014.

On the very day they were issued, Vodafone instructed all its distributors to immediately stop the sale of SIM Cards to the trade.

Vodafone affirms that since 6th of June, no new SIM Cards have been sent to the trade. The company informed the NCA that it will take some days for SIM Cards already in the trade to dry up, since retailers, vendors and some customers had bought them before the ban was imposed.

Figures from the trade indicate that SIMs are drying out. Additionally we have decided to proactively withdraw all remaining SIMs by buying them off the vendors and retailers. This is to prevent a situation where customers will buy a SIM without being able to activate it. The mop up exercise is on-going currently.

Vodafone wants to inform the general public that no new SIMs will be activated in the network after Saturday 21st of June up to the time that the NCA’s ban is lifted.

We have always remained a good corporate citizen, committed to working within the parameters of Ghana’s regulatory and legal regimes for the telecommunications industry. The company’s focus is to deliver a differentiated customer experience within the sector. This will be achieved by continuing to invest in infrastructure to meet the needs of our customers, and offer them memorable moments at our various touch points.

Haris Broumidis
CEO, Vodafone Ghana

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