Following trending developments of the Nadia Buari/Avant Claire saga, questions have been left lingering on the minds of many. Who is telling the truth? What really transpired between the two? And how are both parties reacting to allegations laid on each other?

If you have been missing the action, this is a fill-in.

In earlier reports, the award winning actress declined an ambassadorial position worth $75k from the European cosmetic company since discovering a chemical used in producing their lotion was toxic to human skin. Later in an interview, the General Manager of Avant Claire Africa Christopher Owen denied the allegations hence sighting a financial disagreement as reason for Nadia’s retreat from the contract.

This development obviously didn’t disseminate well with Team Nadia, yet in true nature of the actress, she remained mute. Now, in recent developments, the founder of the European based cosmetic company Sir Jean De Vis in an official letter addressed to the management of Nadia Buari has apologized to the actress, her team and the entire African region for the colossal miscommunication.

The letter indicated there were issues with negotiations; Nadia Buari agreed on $75k off her original $100,000 brand endorsement fee but Avant only had a 60k budget. So before any agreement was reached the actress pulled out of the deal after discovering a chemical used in producing their lotion was toxic to human skin but in defense to the bleaching chemical allegations, Sir Jean explained that the hydroquinone compounds in Avant Claire are in approved quantities by the French Drugs Board and can only harmful under excessive use. The three page apology letter inscribed in French regretted the earlier publication describing the entire situation as a misunderstanding because they were uncertain if her refusal was based on the fee or the chemical content.

Our sources confirm the management of the actress has accepted the apology. So the big question is, will Africa soon see Nadia Buari as the new face of Avant Claire?

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