Ghanaians Deserve Better Now Or Government Will Face Tax Repudiation

Fellow countrymen, it is very clear today that, when we who own the tomorrow of this noble country refuse to speak and act so that government do what is right, then we should forget about tomorrow because there would be no tomorrow for the youth to believe in.

The economy in our Country Ghana today is ground rocketing and no one seems to worry about the speed of decline in the various aspects of the economy in this country.

Our Education, Health, Security, Roads, Water, Electricity, etc., are collapsing every single day and no one seems to care just because those who have the electoral mandate to effect the changes the ordinary suffering Ghanaian seeks to find, ironically have been enriched by the same ailing coffers that has refused to solve the strategic challenges we face as a people.

Coalition for Rapid Change sees no reason why a 22-communique dubbed the Royal Senchi consensus was organized amidst pump and pageantry, coupled with overwhelming wastages at a wrong time just because of a 22-worded sentence which could have even been propounded even under a mango tree.

Every attempt at solving a national crisis today becomes a crude avenue for orchestrated agencies and individuals to unlawfully enrich themselves at the expense of the suffering majority in this country. And no one seems to worry about it.

Ghanaians are merely surviving today and a few have more than they can spend with their families and descendants for the rest of their lives. Painstakingly, the system in our country supports the rich getting richer and poor getting poorer.

What is the essence of leadership? If indeed the essence of leadership is followership then there have been consecutive failures of leadership in our country over the years. Our leaders have failed this country and are still failing us in every aspect.

The leadership failure in our country over the years is evident in the failed and moribund state of electricity supply in Ghana after about 58 years of independence. Nothing seems to work today in Kwame Nkrumah’s Gold coast.

Even the better social intervention policies like the National Health Insurance Scheme, School feeding programme,Metro Mass Transport Services etc are on the brinks of collapse. Corruption is much popular in Ghana.

Government officials, so called “big men’’ elude the long arms of the law mysteriously while the hungry village folk who steals a bunch of plantain to feed himself and his hungry family is immediately apprehended by the same law, tried and sentenced without many times mercy or whatsoever.

The law is meeker on the few rich people and harder on the many poor folks in this country.

The suffering market women who sit in the sun from dawn to dusk, the suffering nursing students and teacher training students who have been deprived of their legal commitment as in their allowances, Some civil servants have worked for more than one year and being paid three months paltry salary arrears, Drivers and different road users buy fuel and gas at cut-throat prices and yet pay road tolls which have been astronomically increased over the past four years at every possible check point in this country.

All these categories of people pay taxes for the development of this country yet nothing seems to work as if the country is under a spell. Where did all the taxes go? Metropolitan Municipal District Assemblies are running at several arrears because of governments’ ineptitude towards payment of these arrears which in effect has suffocated every local developmental project for some years now.

Government of Ghana owes NHIS close to eight months being the reason for poor health delivery over the years and the scheme is suffering just as much as the economy of this country.

Then I ask again, where do all the money go? The last straw that breaks the camel’s neck is this world cup brouhaha which has attracted so much money than any world cup we have ever participate, yet coupled with a lot of controversies irrespective of the unbridled partisanship spewed by Joseph Yamin.Our corrupt leadership style has made money the lifeline to this world cup campaign instead of patriotism.

Whiles the USA team were playing because of the patriotism and the love for their country we were playing for money, and no wonder we harvested the defeat we had.

The government has ground this country to almost a premature halt. The Gender ministry is collapsing, The EC has no money for their operational work, POTAG/MoE/NLC remain unresolved over allowances which is in arrears over a year. The list is endless and would go on and on and on.

So Coalition for Rapid Change asks again so if Government can promise huge monies at the world cup why not these strategic areas also listed above? Is it intentional? Or gross incompetence?

These and many more warranted Coalition for Rapid Change to give government an ultimatum of a month at most to at least start to do things right else we advise ourselves immediately in the sovereign interest of the people of Ghana. Coalition for Rapid Change insists with no apology that government who has the mandate to govern this country for some number of years listen to these cry of the people

1. Pay all salary arrears to civil servants and allowance arrears to students (Nursing and teacher training colleges)
2. Pay all arrears to National Health Insurance Scheme,MMDA common fund, subventions to senior high schools and tertiary instituiutions.

3. Ghanaians are tired with too much talk shop and less action about the energy situation in our country and wants to see results. It saddens my heart when old men and women start jubilating and cheering when the lights come on. Are we moving forward or going back as a country?

4. Ghanaians want to see how much money has been made out of the road tolls since its inception and how the proceeds have been used so far.

5.SADA SUBAH,GYEEDA should be investigated by a multi partisan committee dispassionately to bring out the truth or the rot if any to put these matters to sleep or prosecute as fast as prosecuting a plantain thief in this country that is when someone is found culpable.

6. Corruption issues must be dealt head on irrespective of persons involved.

7. The opposition parties must equally mount a serious and responsible opposition at government so the right thing will be done other than unnecessary internal and selfish bickering that defeats the reason why they even want to be voted for.

At coalition for Rapid Change we believe governance is serious business and in the wisdom of democracy a responsible opposition is institutionalized to serve as checks and balances in the interest of the helpless masses in this country. The opposition must wake up and do serious bidding for the people they seek to govern someday.

8. Parliament is becoming loose cannon and as a matter of urgency and importance, we insist parliamentarians wake up to the challenge of representing their constituents. Parliamentarians must do serious and constructive bidding on behalf of their constituents and by extension on behalf of the good people of Ghana. Parliamentarians wield a lot of institutional power to probe every business of the state even before ordinary Ghanaians like you and I start to hit the streets. When the last resort we have as a people is hitting the streets then it means institutions are failing.

9. Ghana belongs to Ghanaians and we believe in Ghana there are no any special Ghanaians. Hence, whatever that bothers this country’s development should be done collectively and selflessly. This is the time that Ghanaians especially must rise to the occasion to demand for what is right for the people of Ghana and by extension for the future we seek to build as a youth.

Rising to demand better conditions for the lives of inhabitants of your country is a wonderful God given assignment every Ghanaians must endeavor to engage in especially when mother Ghana still sinks in the face of all the resources we have as a country.

These are what we demand without any apology in the sovereign interest of the good masses of this country. We expect government to heed or better still start to heed to these words of wisdom. The opposition political parties and the parliamentarians who get paid by the sweat of the ordinary Ghanaian to wake and proof they are all worth the name honorable else

1. Coalition for Rapid Change will embark on a nationwide campaign at preventing people from paying taxes since they will be no need to pay when even the already paid amounts have not seen the light of the day. We will use all lobbying mechanisms at our disposal to chase away and hinder the activity of tax collectors

2. Mass demonstration dabbed YENTUA would be staged at the appropriate areas to send serious and strong signal to government and the people in charge and yet sitting and watching helplessly for bad things to happen instead of the right things.

3. A massive campaign would be rolled out to vote against the government across the country and beyond if necessary government still continues its selfish schemes at innocent citizenry.

4. To the parliamentarians. if they do not sit up to do the serious jaw jaw of major business of this country we guess they should be ready to house disgruntled constituents together with them in the house of parliament to coerce them do what they sent them to do on their behalf.

5. Since the world has turned into a global village, Coalition for Rapid Change would climb on the back of the International Media to help drum home the challenge of putting the cart behind the horse in our country.

Whoever has been given a mandate under the auspices of the thumb of helpless and innocent people of Ghana must deliver; Ghanaians need results not verbal rhetoric.

No politician is more Ghanaian than any citizen of this country and at times we stop to think; were these the same people who came round to solicit for votes on bending knees with sweet promises?.Lord Action said it all ‘power corrupts but absolute power corrupts absolutely’.

In conclusion Nelson Mandela during the struggles of South Africa couldn’t have said it better” the time comes in the life of any nation when there remain only two choices-submit or fight. That time has now come to South Africa. We shall not submit and we have no choice but to hit back by all means in our power in defense of our people, our”.

God bless the youth of this country
God bless our struggles for economic emancipation
God bless Ghana

Prince Agyei-Nyarko
National Coordinator
0543314686 / 0208353816