First Lady commends Health Professionals for saving lives

One of the focuses of the Lordina Foundation is to mobilize support to acquire medical items and embark on a nationwide medical outreach. This is to help enhance quality healthcare delivery in districts and community based health facilities. The First Lady, Mrs. Lordina Mahama visited the Saltpond and Apam hospitals in the central region, and donated assorted medical equipments to them. She urged authorities of the health facilities to judiciously use the equipments for their intended purpose.

The Saltpond Municipal hospital was built in 1920 as a military naval health facility. It is now one of the hospitals in the country, on a mission to help Ghana attain the Millennium Development goals 4 and 5, to reduce infant and maternal mortality by 2015. The Authorities of the hospital confessed that the healthcare sector is faced with many challenges that make the services of some health facilities in the country sometimes seem unsatisfactory, that is why donations such as that of the Lordina Foundation is extremely important in helping improve safe and quality care.

The First Lady, Mrs. Lordina Mahama noted that most health facilities are in deprived districts, where the provision of quality healthcare is confronted with many challenges. She commended the efforts of health professionals in carrying out life saving duties. She said in as much as government acknowledges and encourages them for the essential roles they play in ensuring quality healthcare delivery, it is also committed to improving access to quality healthcare through the expansion of facilities across the country and the training of medical personnel to operate the facilities.

The Catholic Hospital in Apam in the Gomoa West district of the Central region was established in the late fifties as a clinic by three Dutch sisters. Some infrastructural developments were added later to develop it into its present status, rendering 24 hour healthcare services to the people of Gomoa and beyond. The Chief of Apam, Nana Abotantam Edo-Effrim X (the Tenth) and the hospital officials were thankful to the Lordina Foundation for the medical supplies. They however asked that the hospital be resourced with an ambulance, accommodation for nurses and doctors. Nana Abotantam Edo-Effrim then invited the First Lady to the area’s annual festival, which would be held in September.

Mrs. Mahama admitted that the contribution of the Apam Cartholic Hospital in making a difference in the healthcare delivery mix, especially in that part of the central region, is impressive. As part of her Foundation’s outreach programme, she presented the medical supplies and equipment as her contribution towards the wellbeing and health needs of the people of Apam.

Mrs. Mahama said in line with its commitment, the government is constructing new CHIPS Compounds, polyclinics, district and regional hospitals, including retooling of existing district hospitals across the country. The government needs the support of all to enable it achieve universal health for all, and the Lordina Foundation is out to do just that. She beckoned to other benevolent individuals and organizations to come on board to support a worthy course of giving the people of Ghana good health.

Mrs. Mahama has always been grateful to MedShare, USA and other sponsors who continuously are supporting the Lordina Foundation with medical supplies and equipment to help provide work tools for effective healthcare delivery in the country.

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