An important Ramadan lecture series to educate Muslim youth to follow the rules of Ramadan fasting in accordance with laid down rules has been launched in Accra. The lectures to be held on Fridays during the month of Ramadan will be organized by the association of francophone students in Ghana with the support of the director of the centre for languages and professional studies (CELPS) Mr. Iddrisu Dimbie. According to information reaching us from Islamic clerics in and outside Ghana Muslims the world over including Ghana would commence the Ramadan fasting from the end of June possibly from 28th or 29th depending on the sighting of the moon. The fasting would last for 29 or 30 days.

In his inaugural address Mr. Dimbie who is founder of CELPS commended the large number of francophone students in Ghana for coming together to form an association in Ghana to seek further knowledge of Islam. He promised to do everything in his power to support the association. However he appealed to kind hearted Muslims to provide food and cash for the less privileged during the Ramadan month. The students being (male and female) are from almost all African nations including guinea Conakry, Gabon Benin Cote d’ivoire, Chad, Libya Burkina Faso to mention but a few nations. Mr. Iddrisu did not hide his delight in the francophone students leaving their homes and parents in other African countries to learn in Ghana and still continue to show interest in knowing more about Islam.

He advised them to avoid mentioning the name of God in vein by telling lies as they swear to Allah saying that they must do the right things in order to attract more people to Islam. He condemned activities of boko haram and other groups such as ‘al shabab’, ‘al kaida’, ‘talibans’ who take delight in killing innocent people in the name of Islam saying the activities of those men could not be Islamic. This is because Islam means peace and submission to the will of Allah.

Alhaji alhasan abdulai secretary of Ghana guinea friendship association for integration and development said the month of Ramadan in which the quran was revealed as guidance to mankind and a criterion for knowing our rights and wrong. Therefore except those who are sick, on a journey and in menstruation every able bodied adult Muslim is required to fast in the month of Ramadan. The Ramadan was designed for us to learn to worship God and to stay hungry in order to get closer to God and to learn to sacrifice part of our earnings for the welfare of the less privileged in the society.

The general mood of the youth was that of their readiness to begin fasting at the end of the month. However they all resolved to work together with all Muslims irrespective of the differences in their sects and beliefs. They condemn the conflicts between Muslims adding that if that continues Muslims would dissipate their energies for nothing. They condemn the seizure of 200 students from Chibok on the north east Nigeria and appealed to the abductors to return them to their parents.

At the end of the function the leadership of the Association Francophone Students In Ghana was introduced. They are Mouktar Mbandinga, (President),Abdul Wahab Diallo, (Vice President), Mohammad N’sitou N’sitou, (General Secretary),Noura Gati-Mounga, (President of the Sisters) , Madiou Diallo, (Social Affairs), Moudjidath Chitou, (Cultural Affairs).

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