What These Two Pastors Have To Say About Raping 12-Year-Old Girl, Married Woman

Two Pastors, Uwem Friday and Samson Odeyemi who committed an abominable act by sleeping with a 12-year-old girl and a married woman in Edo state have confessed to the crime.

Pastor Uwem Friday who raped his victim at a farm in Okokwo village, area of Edo state in November 2013 and threatened that she would dead should she reveal his dastardly act to anyone was arrested after the 12-year-old girl became pregnant and her revealed to her worried parents on May 30, 2014 that the pastor was responsible.

It was reported on June 13, that Pastor Uwem Friday was sentenced to five years imprisonment by an Ekiadolor Magistrate Court, Edo State for raping a 12-year-old at a farm in Okokhuo village, Ovia North East Local Government area of the state.

Pastor Friday Uwem in his confession said: “The victim is the daughter of my neighbour, who is my friend. It was in the evening that I lured her with biscuit and money and I took her to the bush and raped her. I had sex with her once. I didn’t use condom. I am responsible for the pregnancy.

After raping her, I threatened her not to tell anybody. I told her that she would die if she told anybody. It was when the pregnancy became known that her parents came to my house and I confessed to them.”

Meanwhile 38-year-old Pastor Samson Odeyemi who was arraigned for raping a 40-year-old married woman in May under the pretext of spiritual cleansing to solve her problem in Igeobazuwa area of Benin City has also confessed to the crime.

The victim (name withheld) while recounting what transpired said: “I had a problem and needed a solution. When I got to Pastor Odeyemi, I narrated my problem to him and he promised to pray for me. Later he said I have to take a spiritual bath in the river for the problem to be solved. I accepted the advice. The following day, we went to the river. When we got there, he ordered me to remove all my clothes. Initially, I refused to undress, but he insisted that if I bathe with my clothes on, my problem would not be solved. When I undressed, Odeyemi dragged me to the side of the river and raped me. When I got home, I couldn’t sleep; later I felt sick and was convinced that what Pastor Odeyemi did to me was abomination.

“When I couldn’t bear it any longer, I had to inform my husband about the ugly incident. Immediately, we went to the police station in Benin City and reported the case. Pastor Odeyemi was arrested.”

Pastor Odeyemi told Sunday Sun: “It is true that the victim came to me and she told me about her problem. In the process, the devil used me. I deceived her and took her to the river side and insisted that she must undress for the spiritual bath. Then I raped her; I told her it was through that process that her problem would be solved. I have been using this method to deceive several women and ladies by raping them at the riverside and I would tell them that their prayers had been answered. I want the victims to forgive me.”

The Edo State Police Commissioner has however advised people to be wary of pastors they associate with and seek help from, stressing that many of them are like wolves in sheep’s clothing.

This abominable act by some pastors is becoming a matter of serious concern.

It would be recalled in May, an Enugu pastor, the General Overseer of Vineyard Ministry of the Holy Trinity, Timothy Ngwu was arrested for impregnating over 20 female church members under the pretext that he was obeying the will of God.

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