Socrates Sarfo Bounces Back After Quitting Movies

After his public announcement that he had quit movie production for soap production, News-One has picked signals that controversial movie producer, Socrates Sarfo, lacks the courage to bid farewell to Ghana’s movie industry.

The ‘Hot Fork’ producer announced he was quitting the movie industry because, according to him, producers are not making profit from their productions.

He questioned why Ghanaian movie producer could not sell 100,000 copies of a movie in a country of about 25 million people.

“I’m stopping. I’m fasting and praying that I will have the courage to stop because it’s abnormal to me when you are dealing in an environment made up of abnormal thinking people,” he said about his decision to take a break.

But this paper has gathered that Socrates has returned to set. A source said he was on set recently for an upcoming production and the movie would be released right after the World Cup.