Ogas At The TOP: President Jonathan In Special #BringBackOurGirls Episodes (PHOTOS & VIDEOS)

Despite the world is slowly forgetting about abducted 219 GGSS Chibok female students, the creators of a hilarious Nigerian comedy show “Ogas At The Top” do not. 

The authors hope to get back the global attention of the world to the horrible kidnap by means of comedy. Puppet copies of President Goodluck Jonathan and other representatives of the elite are really helpful in fulfilling this mission. 


President Jonathan, President Obama, the First Lady, late General Sani Abacha, General Buhari, Minister Maku send a strong message to “Boko Haram people” urging them to yet by the ruling elite towards the rescue of the kidnapped girls.


2. Anywhere But Chibok 


GEJ was highly expected in Chibok. The president paid lots of attention during his flight in preparing a speech, which was “thousand times better” than Obama’s. GEJ addressed the residents, who really wanted to hear from him, immediately after landing. In Paris.


3. Man Alone 

President Jonathan packs up thing to embark on a “delicate” search of the missing girls. At the same time, the First Lady does not understand why she’s being left behind, wants to follow him. 


4. #BringBackOurGirlsForTheSakeOf2015

President gets a useful advice to address on the issue of the missing girls, right after the incident with Patience’s tears. His idea is to do something different from typical ‘BringBackOurGirls’ hashtag, in order to sound presidential and unique by modifying the standard one.


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