Free For All Fight @NPP Headquarters…Broken Glasses And Blood Everywhere

To say the New Patriotic Party (NPP) is a party in distress and on the verge of implosion will be an understatement.

The internal wranglings and bickering within the opposition party took a turn for the worse on Monday morning when it degenerated into fisticuffs and shedding of blood.

But for the timely arrival of Police personnel from the Nima Divisional Command, a different story will have been told.

Our reporter Obeng Manu who was present at the scene told Peacefm that the turbulence was sparked as a result of a misunderstanding that ensued between the old and new security guards.

According to him, unknowingly to the old security guards who reported to work today, an unknown official was trying to drive them out and replace them with a new set of guards.

Riled about the development, they questioned the new guards and upon realizing that they were there to take their job; they called on their friends from Nima to help them forcefully drive them out.

The decision to throw the new guards out using force didn’t yield any positive according to our reporter. He reveals that “half of the glass which has been used to decorate the front view of the reception has been broken.

Unfortunate for a man who had come to visit a friend at the party office, he developed a deep cut on his skin when one of the fighters threw his cutlass towards his direction”.

He continues that only Mr. Freddie Blay, the party’s First Vice Chairman and John Boadu, National Organizer were the only executive who visited the site to get first hand information from the Ghana Police Service.

Aside this, Hajia Fati Amadu a known figure in the NPP is reported to have described the Chairman and General Secretary of the party in unprintable terms. She is reported to have accused them of setting an agenda against Nana Akufo Addo and acted violently when she visited the site.

“Hajia Fato and her friend are acting violently. Her friend had taken her clothes off and was only in brassiere and knickers. She vowed to completely remove everything and show her private parts to Kwabena Agyapong and Paul Afoko if they continued their agenda”, Obeng Manu reported.

Currently, the police have locked up the main party gate leading to the premise and only journalist and known party members are eligible to enter.