Chibok: We Are Not Sure Our Friends Are Safe – Escapee Girls

Two girls, who managed to escape from Boko Haram hideout after the mass abduction of female students in Chibok, Borno State, on April 14, confess they miss their friends, who have not still reunited with their families.

Mothers of Chibok girls

Archive photo: Mothers of Chibok girls protest in Abuja

According to Leadership, Martha, who asked her surname not to be disclosed and Sarah Lawan recognized one of their friends shown in the video released by insurgents.

Sarah was quoted saying:

“We are seriously missing them and we wish they were with us here today. We don’t know what they may have been passing through now, but we know they are not happy there. We have heard some of them being married to the Boko Haram, but I believe my friend, Hauwa who is a Christian and a devoted one cannot agree to marry a man without the consent of her parents.”

Meanwhile Martha claimed that they prayed every day for their friends, lamenting over the non-stopping attacks still rocking area around Chibok:

“If they can be killing our people in other villages, how are we sure our colleagues now in the bush are safe?”

It would be recalled that more than 2 months after the kidnap of more than 250 school girls, there are still no tangible results of the rescue operation, despite the intervention of both national and global powers. 

Chief of Defence Staff, Air Marshal Alex Badeh, insisted last month that the Nigerian security had located the victims’ whereabouts, which gave fresh hope to the devastated parents, however by now the children have not returned home.