Condemn Boko Haram; distance yourselves from them – Muslim leader urges

Deputy Ameer of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission in Ghana, Maulvi Alhaji Mohammed Bin Salih has called on Muslims to join hands to condemn the act of terrorist groups like Boko Haram and distance themselves from their act.

Speaking at the 52nd annual conference of the Ahmadiyya movement in Wa, Maulvi Bin said people nowadays hide under the cloak of religion to orchestrate their parochial agenda, which is against the tenets of Islam.

He also urged Muslim youths to reject attempts by nefarious people to use them for various criminal acts.

The conference brought together members of the religious faith from all 8 (eight) circuits in the region under the theme: ”The Muslim, an Ambassador of Peace, and Consensus for Nation’s Development”.  

Maulvi remarked: ”It is time for the Muslim youth to refuse to be used as macho men for the commitment of atrocities on fellow compatriots.’

Maulvi Bin Salih admonished Muslims to see themselves first as ambassadors of peace and avenue for consensus building as a requisite for the development of the country.

Outgoing Upper West Regional Minister, Bede Ziedeng stated that Islam is a religion of peace which must inure to the development of the country.  

He however regrets that religious differences or diverse interpretations of the holy Quran can lead to violence and wanton destruction of lives and property.

He advised Muslims to use their faith to propagate peace and not subject others to fear and isolation.

He appealed to religious leaders in the country to join hands with president Mahama to fight against crime, corruption, moral decadence which are rearing their ugly heads in the society.

”We cannot allow the few corrupt and criminal elements to bring about the collapse of our nation,” he stressed.

Mr. Ziedeng commended the movement for partnering government in pursuing various socio-economic programmes to uplift the quality of life of the people.


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