Webkings Digital Skills Training & Placement Project

We are passionate, pragmatic learning strategists, who believe training young Africans in the Art and Science Web/Mobile/Content Design & Development will cause positive social and economic change across the continent. Grounded in the scientific process and a PRACTICAL CENTERED approach to learning, We forge partnerships with NGOs, the government and corporate sectors for Practical Skills Training and Placement projects on DIGITAL TECHNOLOGIES. Simply put this is our answer to the scourge of disease, crime, poverty, unemployment and hopelessness a large section of African youth are faced by. LEARNING TO CODE!!! as a way out.

Changing Families through HTML5 CSS3 Coding Skills!

Our Campaign is a call to Action for Change in Africa through Learning to CODE! – The Future is HERE! HTML5 CSS3 It’s an opportunity to change a continent through code.

The WebKings African Youth Scholarship Fund (WAYSF) is an all-volunteer-led nonprofit initiative, championed by Real Progress Foundation, a Ghanaian based NGO and Webkings Technologies PTY a South African social entrepreneurship Big Data/Web 2.0 Development Company.

We believe a young African equipped with the requisite skills, a laptop and an internet connection can make a very decent living from becoming part of the internet work force, i.e. building apps/content with HTML5 and CSS3, native apps for android and IOS, learning and mastering graphic design tools and concepts, Learning practical 3D animation/printing and the secrets of successfully working on earning a living as a web/mobile developer and digital autodidact.

Grounded in a very strong practical approach to learning technology, we have created a 1 year intensive Training and placement course, to impart knowledge of digital skills needed to build secure web applications from start to Finish.

The Quick Story
The Webkings 130 Training and Placement Project is a nonprofit social entrepreneurship project funded by WAYSF, that seeks to Practically train to mastery level the language of the WEB i.e. HTML5 CSS3 web/mobile development to selected deserving students from deprived communities around the African continent, starting with two center each in south Africa and Ghana, the project seeks to train 100 student for 1 year from start to finish with PHP, Python, ASP, Java and Ruby on Rails being the main languages of focus.

Also 30 TRAINER OF TRAINER [TOT] students, selected from the massive number of unemployed graduates or half-baked developers who already have some development experience and who are passionate about the digital revolution and economy will be trained over a 6 month period to become trainers, who will help start our planed centers strategically across the continent.

A carefully cooked mix of , in house Professional Training instructors and International Volunteer Resource persons sourced from around the world will deliver the training to selected.

Currently our first center in Accra is being developed in two spaces, one as a lecture/instruction hall and the other a shared office space. The 100 1 year Practical Training and placement student will be divided into 20 groups of 5, these groups will start companies that will be incubated in our shared office space over the one year period. We will train students in the art of salesmanship, winning web development contracts, project development, project management and project maintenance.

All Webkings students would have a portfolio of at least 10 web/mobile applications of different types from simple brochure web projects to complex customized magento ecommerce systems.

During the 1 year training period, Our Practical training in Web Technologies which will have HTML5 CSS3 JS mastery as foundation will be assessed via project Exams as our focus is building competence and developing confidence in students.

We require quality Training equipment to achieve our vision of Training, we plan for each lecture hall and share incubator space to have 25 computer, 10 Linux machine, 10 Windows machines and 5 high-end Macintosh machines, so students build experience working in a multi-platform environment.

You and or your organization can help us achieve this dream by supporting us financially, with equipment or with your time and skills

Our goal this year is to award up to $115,000 and to that end we are raising $15,000 through our Indiegogo campaign. 100% of the funds raised will directly make it possible for an amazing student to pursue higher education!


We have received close to 3000 applications from all over Africa and with your support we can change many of these students’ lives by providing financial support and mentorship.

The Catalyst
On the 6th of November 2013 around 7 pm, everything changed for me very suddenly, when I was brutally ambushed, attacked and robbed at gun point in centurion, a suburb of Pretoria, south Africa.3 young black men, men who could be productive citizens of Africa reduced to dishonorable negative social vices. I lost my whole year work and everything in terms of equipment that was dear to me under 1 minute. 10 years of code, files, project, plans all that I thought then was the essence of me gone! Also passport, driver’s license can all ids, debit and credit cards even my apartment keys. I felt bare, my newly purchased Mega 2 terabyte 16gig memory Acer desktop replacement laptop, 4 android phones I use for testing apps. Devastated beyond measure and conscious of the hell that I would have to go to due to the repercussions of this event on my life and family going forward, at that moment I decided to channel all the negative energy into the dream I have nurtured for some time now, to help redirect the energies of African youth into positivity through digital technologies training. One township at a time the webkings 130 project with funding organized from the WAYSF hopes to training and place web, mobile and content developers

WebKings African Youth Scholarship Fund (WAYSF)

Fighting Crime, Poverty, HIV/AIDS, Hopelessness and Unemployment through Web/Mobile Development Training & Placement in Africa with HTML5 CSS3 as the Basis.

This Campaign Seeks to Raise Funds to Complete our first Lecture/Practical Computing Lab and incubator shared Office Space for 130 Selected Youths around Ghana and 200 primary/JHS School Children in Mataheko, Accra, Ghana.

The WAYSF Scholarship Award Provides:
Support for the cost of education for unmet need. We believe in making a capital intensive commitment to our Scholars and thus make awards ranging from $500-$3,000

Renewable awards for WAYFS Scholars maintaining satisfactory academic progress

Job Placement Opportunities & Mentor-ship program after our training in practical employable digital skills and personal development

Leadership development programs with distinctive personal, academic, cultural and professional growth opportunities

Our 2014 Scholars include students from Over 10 African countries. These students have overcome serious adversity and have gone through great lengths to mobilize support from their families to move to the project centers for the 1 year and 6 month course respectively. They include young African from Ghana, South Africa, Nigeria, Liberia, Ivory Coast and Cameroon.



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