Boko Haram Strikes Again, Wrecks More Havoc Around Chibok

An unspecified number of people have been killed in two villages around Chibok, Borno state as Boko Haram continued its killing spree of villagers and vigilantes in the early hours of this morning.

Boko Haram insurgents

Boko Haram ingurgents

According to report from Sahara Reporters, the insurgents stormed the village of Kwaranglum as early as 7a.m. They started shooting, burning houses and looting.

Several of the villagers who escaped into the bush were said to have been chased with motorbikes by the militants.

A councilor in Chibok, Samuel Gali, said after the insurgents finished killing and injuring several villagers in Kwaranglum, they moved to another nearby village of Ntsiha to continue their attack.

As the two villages which are about 14 kilometers from Chibok town were under attack, security agents were nowhere to be found around the area.

Several of the injured persons were taken to Chibok General hospital where some have already died of gunshot wounds.

The residents of Chibok are said to be in fear over the attacks which happened close to their town as they had earlier been threatened by Boko Haram that they would be attacked again.

Boko Haram had earlier attacked Chibok town on April 14, during which they abducted over 200 girls from their boarding school. The girls are yet to be found by the government who has been offered help by some foreign countries like the United states, U.K., France and many others both financially and otherwise.

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