Another Ritualist Den Uncovered In Ebonyi: Woman Recounts How Her Children Were Stolen

A shrine where ritual killings reportedly takes place in Ishiagu community in Ivo Local Government Area of Ebonyi State was recently discovered.



A report by Saturday Sun said, youths of the community went wild and destroyed the shrine as well as the prop­erty of the Chief priest and two suspected agents.

In the course of destroying the shrine, a picture of the Chief priest holding something that looks like a human hand as well as a register said to be containing the names of the people who had been killed by the evil men and those yet to be killed were recovered.

To prevent the situation from getting out of hand, the police stormed the commu­nity and arrested some people.

Speaking to journalist, Mrs Nnenna Emmanuel Okonkwo, a mother of six, whose two chil­dren were stolen in one night said they were abducted from their home at about 4a.m while they were still sleeping.

She explained, “As I was sleeping, I was woken up at 4am when I heard the sound of my door be­ing broken. Some men broke down the door and pointed their light at my face. They started dragging my eight-month old son with me. As I was struggling with them, they gave me dirty slaps on either side of the cheek.”

According to her after they succeeded in snatching her son from her, they moved to the next room, where her mother-in-law and her daughter were sleeping and broke down the door as well.They took the daughter, aged three years and seven month.

My mother in-law shouted that they can shoot her but leave her grand children, but they refused. They carried the two children into the vehicle they parked outside. Before our neighbours could come out, they had zoomed off. Since then, we have not set eyes on the children. My mother in-law said she could not live with what happened; that it was better for her to die. And she died two weeks later,” Mrs Nnenna said.

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