How These Successful Artistes Benefited From Break-up With Partners

Your joy cannot be contained. Smiles rain upon your lips by their mere thought. Together, they form a perfect blend of their kind.

Then, Gbam! They split. But they’re not done.

No. They split only to emerge even bigger, better and stronger…



Photo: 2face

The breakup of this group in 2004 may not be cheery, but it has heralded the emergence of one of the talented artiste in Africa. Tuface Idibia is the fruit of that split. With his debut solo album, Grass to Grace in 2006, he hit the ground running. If he was a bud in the group, he seems to have blossomed into a spring. An exceptional talent gifted for his musical dexterity, he was the only Nigerian artiste on the Sony All African One 8 Project alongside seven other musicians across Africa recording a single with R. Kelly and Prince Lee. That split has seen him gone up the ladder, clinching awards of all sorts and releasing five albums with a sixth, Ascension, due.



Photo: Dr.Sid

Dr Sid’s talent was never in doubt. But under Mo’Hits, he was just another artiste. It was never in doubt who was deservedly the face of the label. Even with his album, Turning Point, which had hits like Pop Something and Over the Moon, though partly because of his sudden change of style, Dr Sid struggled to assert his place, until Mo’Hits fell. Under Mavin, Dr Sid seems to have found his voice. He now shares the face of the label with Tiwa Siwage. His new single Surulere and the Dorobucci collaboration add to his ascendency.


Photo: Kcee

Although a joint statement was issued following the duo’s split after 12 years, it is not hard to see that Kcee was not in his element while the group lasted. As against the groups approach, the Limpopo singer is rather boisterous. Since the split, he has remained true to himself, stamping his artistry, while churning hits including Pullover, Okoso and Okpekete.


Psquare and May D

Photo: May D and P-square

May D first announce his presence with Sound Trak and Cool Temper. Then Silence. Not satisfied with his snail speed, the versatile singer opted out of Square Records own by Psqaure. He has since waxed stronger, releasing his debut album, Chapter One. He recently released a single, All Over You. But certainly, May D has gone beyond his Square Record days.



Photo: Wizkid

With EME, Wizkid shined. But with his Star Boy, he has cemented his place. A talented artiste, Wizkid readily laces any beat into a hit. He was the first Nigerian artiste to have over one million followers on Twitter. Since leaving Banky W’s EME, he has strengthened his hold. Although, credit must go to Banky W for giving him the platform to explore and hone his talent, he has certainly gone miles ahead his EME days. Naturally, his singles Caro and On Top Your Matter, off his second anticipated album, are Listeners Choice.

– by Ezeh Emmanuel

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