Ghanaian Journalists In Brazil Receive $1,000 From Sports Minister To Kill Story?

In the midst of raging controversy in Brasil over how soccer fans are poorly treated, Ghanaian journalists reporting on the mundial in Brasil are said to have been given some dollars concealed in envelops to “shut them up”.

Exclusive source in Brasil disclosed that in the midst of negative reportage on how Ghanaian soccer fans are outraged over their poor condition, the Sports Minister, Elvis Afriyie Ankrah met the journalists in a tightly closed door meeting inside an auditorium at the Natal supporters’ camp.

The minister who was said to be in a devastating mood was apparently unhappy with the negative reportage on happenings in Brasil.

Sources disclosed to that after the closed door meetings, some journalists received envelopes containing $1,000 whiles others had $200 in their envelops.

According to our source, the media men present included reporters from Ghana Broadcasting Company, Ghana News Agency, 90Minutes Newspaper and 29 radio broadcasters.

Fans Threaten Return To Ghana

Some Ghanaian fans in Brasil also staged a mutiny as they demanded to be airlifted back to Ghana over concerns of poor welfare package.

The fans were unhappy with treatment meted out to them regarding accommodation and feeding.

Mardunas Centro De Eventos, where Ghanaian fans are camped is said to be of a village setting compelling the supporters sponsored by the Ministry of Youth and Sports to question the rationale behind the selection of the camp by officials and members of the World Cup Committee.

Hundreds of Ghanaian football fans in Natal, Brazil are grumbling over the positioning of the Ghana camp at Mardunas Centro De Eventos, outskirts of Natal.

In addition, one requires a minimum of 100 Brazilian Real, an equivalent of 50 USD to travel to town and back, a situation which has sent the fans grumbling.

Leaders of the various supporters group say they had met officials and expressed dissatisfaction over the location of the camp.

According to them, the location of the camp makes them feel like they were in a detention camp. “We came to Brazil to see how well the country is developed and have a feel of the competition. Rather we have been brought to a village.

“If I knew I was coming to stay at a place like this, I will have stayed in Ghana.” One angry supporter said.

Consequently, a section of the fans last night went on rampage demanding a return home.

But the minister quickly met leadership of the various supporters groups after meeting the media and “compensated” them with envelops containing undisclosed amount of dollars.

Source: / Natal, Brazil