Damaturu Tragedy: Explosion Force Blew Off People’s Limbs – Survivor Narrates

Survivors of Tuesday attack on the viewing center in Damaturu, Yobe State, recall the ghastly ordeal.

Damaturu explosion survivors recount ordeal

Photo: Damaturu explosion survivor

The explosion, which claimed according to police at least 14 lives, occurred late evening shortly after Brazil-Mexico game of the FIFA World Cup had kicked off.

Daily Telegraph refers to the words of those trapped in the place, who said that the explosion force blew off limbs and knocked people senseless.

One of the survivors identified as Babagana Mohammed narrated: 

“The bomb just threw me and I didn’t even know where I was.”

Another victim, Musa Mohammed, stopped at the spot just to buy airtime for his mobile when he suddenly heard the explosion. He said some people lost their limbs adding:

“Some were amputated … But thank God mine was a lesser injury.”

It was later learnt from the eyewitness that a suicide bomber drove into the area in a tricycle taxi full of explosives, however police claimed the explosion came from the abandoned car parked on the road in front.

It would be recalled that the Nigerian police highly recommended people to avoid public viewing spots following the Damaturu bombing.

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