Accra ready to tackle sanitation and drainage problems – Oko Vanderpuije

The Accra Metropolitan Assembly has struck a deal with Exim Bank of America to finance a multi faceted project, which will help curb the growing sanitation and drainage menace in the capital.

Speaking to Joy News, the Mayor of Accra Alfred Oko Vanderpuije said all is set for the Assembly to access the funds to finance the project.

‘Exim Bank has assured myself on behalf of the Ghana government and the contractors of the project that they are going to expedite action on this application,’ the Mayor announced.

The capital city has been hit with enormous sanitary issues over the years which often result in the outbreak of diseases such as malaria and cholera.

Drainage is also another seeming insurmountable challenge that has proved elusive over the years.

Earlier this month, residents of Glefe and some parts of the capital were forced out of their homes due to the incessant down pour.

According to the Mayor, the segmented project will serve several purposes one of which is the construction of an engineered landfill sites with the motive of converting waste into diesel.

Mr. Vanderpuije is optimistic that the land fill site project will be completed later this year.

Another face of the project is the dredging of the Korle lagoon to make it attractive for fishing.

Also on the agenda is the construction of four transfer venues to accelerate the collection of refuse and build storm drains – a drain built to carry away excess water in times of heavy rain.

The CONTI construction firm has been awarded the contract to oversee the project.

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