Soldier’s Stabbing Causes Commotion In Bayelsa

The Lt.Corporal attached to the Joint Task Force (JTF), Operation Pulo Shield who was said to be reportedly stabbed to death by a commercial sex worker, according to new report he is said to be alive with his stabbing causing commotion in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State.

It was reported yesterday, that the Soldier was allegedly stabbed to death over his refusal to pay for a daybreak sex romp but the JTF, however, have denied the report in a statement signed by its Media Coordinator, Lt. Col. Mustapha Anka, claimed that none of its soldiers was stabbed by a prostitute.

Anka in the statement alleged that the media misrepresented the matter, describing the report as malicious, misleading and lacking in objectivity and credibility.

However, further investigation revealed that the soldier was actually stabbed by a commercial sex worker at a red-light district popularly called Hospital Road junction and that the soldier was still recuperating at one of the hospitals in Yenagoa.

According to an eyewitness who pleaded anonymity said the timely intervention of the police who immediately rushed the soldier who’s intestines was gorging out after being stabbed to the hospital saved his life and arrested the sex worker while giving details of the incident.

The source said: “The entire problem started when a soldier approached one of the commercial sex workers and negotiated for overnight sex. He offered to pay the lady N1, 500 but the lady insisted on N2,000.

“Shortly after that, another guy came and offered a higher price which the lady accepted. When the lady wanted to go with the new guy, she suddenly started looking for her handset.

“She asked the soldier whether he saw the missing handset. The soldier who felt he had been jilted became angry and started beating the girl. The girl took a knife and stabbed the soldier in his stomach.”

Meanwhile a top police source corroborated the eyewitness’ report, saying the prostitute was in police custody.

The police source who pleaded anonymity also said the JTF wrote to the commissioner of Police, Mr. Hilary Opara, requesting him to transfer the suspect to it for questioning.

JTF reportedly promised to return the lady to the police after its investigation.

The source said: “The commissioner, however, declined the request and asked the JTF to come to the police command and conduct its interrogation. The soldier was in danger when the police rescued him. We even took the photograph of the incident.”

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