Nadia Buari Exposed Over $75,000 Endorsement Deal

Contrary to earlier reports that actress Nadia Buari has rejected a juicy $ 75,000 endorsement deal from French cosmetic company Avant Claire Grande, because they deal in skin bleaching product, it has emerged that Nadia turned down the deal for an entirely different reason than what was reported earlier.

The news went viral last week that Ghanaian beautiful actress Nadia Buari has rejected a whopping $75,000 deal from Avante Grande because she is against bleaching and product she was supposed to market is a skin bleaching product.

The story was contained in a press statement released by Nadia’s PR but according to manager for the company, the award-winning actress did not reject the offer because it was a bleaching product but she rather wanted $75,000 instead of the $60,000 they were willing to offer her as a brand ambassador.

General Manager of Avant Claire Grande Afrique, Christopher Owen has come out to demystify rumors concerning the $75,000 endorsement deal rejected by Nadia Buari as speculated in reports.

Chris told ‘The Juice Report’ his company offered the actress they chose out of many a total sum of $60,000 which she turned down after Avant declined a $15,000 raise she and her management requested for during negotiations, he added that Nadia’s retreat had nothing to do with the said bleaching chemicals.

Christopher concluded saying Avant Claire is still interested in penning Nadia Buari because her brand remains relevant and is in demand by the market.