Declare Total Emergency Rule In Borno, Yobe And Adamawa, Let Military Take Control – Igarra Monarch

The Otaru of Igarra in Edo State, Oba Adeche Saiki, has urged Nigerian government to implement total emergency rule in the three northern states, Borno, Yobe and Adamawa.

Monarch urges to declare total emergency rule in 3 northern states

According to Daily Independent, the measure includes removal of all democratic structure and appointment of sole administrators to enable military rule in the areas.

He explained that it was politically more reasonable saying that all the civilian governors should be removed and put a sole administrator there preferably a retired military man so that the military can actually have control of the situation otherwise some politicians will still try to do other things negatively on the issue.”

While various politicians keep clashing about whether to conduct the 2015 elections in the affected states, the monarch is sure the answer is “NO” and urges INEC to ban polls in Borno, Yobe and Adamawa for security reasons.

The Otaru also commended the performance of Edo Governor Adams Oshiomhole and characterized him as “one of the best I have ever witnessed since I ascended the throne”.

It would be recalled that despite the negative attitude of the troubled states’ governors towards the extension of emergency rule for another 6 months, both chambers of the National Assembly voted FOR the move.

The critics say that presence of soldiers in the area has provided no results, adding that since the emergency rule declaration, the states have witnessed the bloodiest attacks with hundreds of people killed and injured.

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