Single Hole Gulf Course At Samini’s Dancestardom(PHOTO)

In his quest to give customers a better feel, music icon, Samini, has added a mini golf course to his new pub, Dancestardom, near Sakaman junction in Accra.

The facility, which is a single hole mini golf course, has become the main attraction at the pub as most of the customers try their hands at golf for the first time.

The opening of the pub on June 13, saw many customers queue for their turn to experience the new attraction.

Speaking briefly with the Graphic Business to explain the rationale behind the mini golf course, Samini said at other places, customers were given the opportunity to play snooker “but we chose a mini golf course and that makes us distinct.”

He said in business, one needed to be innovative and know what customers would feel more attracted to, hence the mini golf course.
Samini said apart from drinking and eating, customers would also have the opportunity to compete.