National Conference Recommends Another State Of Emergency

Delegates at the ongoing National Conference on Monday while adopting the report of the conference committee on Energy recommended that President Goodluck Jonathan should declare a state of emergency in the power sector.

Delegates At The Ongoing National Conference

Delegates At The Ongoing National Conference

The conference also recommended that the Federal Government should not leave power and energy to the private sector alone as both were strategic to the industrial take-off and wellbeing of the people.

The conference went further to also recommend that a top-down approach through the amendment of existing framework should be carried out to allow government at all levels and the private sector to be involved in power generation, distribution and marketing locally.

Meanwhile, the conference approved the banning of flaring of associated gas, and recommended that communities that were vulnerable to gas flaring should be compensated. It also recommended that the Petroleum Act of 1969 be reviewed in the interest of justice and equity.

Similarly, the conference recommended that government policies should encourage the use of low energy light bulbs and modern clean stove for cooking as both are environmentally friendly, while associated gas produced in the country should be reserved for the domestic market until all demand is satisfied and a pricing regime for gas developed to make this possible.

It recommended that laws should be enacted and those available should be enforced at the state and local government levels to control indiscriminate cutting of trees for household energy, charcoal making and export. It also adopted that the country should explore the nuclear plant option in view of the possibility of nuclear energy development.

The conference similarly recommended better security measures to protect against vandalism, while Nigerian engineers should be adequately represented in the planning and implementation of all aspects of power reform programmes, adding that the Federal Government should consider building mini refineries in each state as was done in Malaysia and Indonesia.

The conference further recommended that an industry that produces materials should be established close to the source of such raw materials in order to enhance industrialisation and diversification.

The conference, however, rejected the recommendation that the Federal Government should stop the use of generators in all our market as well as subsidise the importation of panel until it can be manufactured locally.

The motion for adoption of the amended committee report was moved by Ambassador Yerima Abdullahi, an elder statesman, while Mariam Bello, who is the organised labour representative, seconded it.

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