Ghanaian Stars Don’t Print Money –Prince David Osei

Ghanaian actor Prince David Osei has jumped into the debate about celebrities and attire repetition, saying he sees nothing wrong with it.

According to the actor, Ghanaian stars “do not print money”, therefore it is neither wrong nor demeaning for them to wear a particular attire more than once or twice to public events.

“Yes it is right to repeat a dress; we are human like everyone else. We don’t print money,” he disclosed when he was asked if it is right or wrong to repeat a dress.

David’s comment comes at a time when fellow actor Yvonne Okoro has been tagged “broke” because she repeated her yellow Karen Millen modern tribal dress which she wore in August 2012 at Showbiz Honours on a movie set in Nigeria.

Subsequent media reports claimed that the actress decided to repeat the dress because “she is broke.”

But Yvonne replied her critics saying, “I will repeat my dress any time I want to. I don’t owe anybody any explanation. Billionaires and millionaires all over the world can repeat dresses and its fine. Who is arresting me for doing so, the inspector dress or the FBI of clothes?”

A number of Ghanaian celebrities, including Prince David, have described the tag as unfortunate.