Abuja Sisters Abduction: Two Girls Regain Freedom After Nine Days In Captivity

Two sisters, who were kidnapped nine days ago from parents’ residence in Karmo, Abuja, have regained freedom and reunited with their family in the morning of June 17, 2014, Tuesday.

Unekwu Opaluwa, Ejura Opaluwa

* Ejura and Unekwu Opaluwa. Photo credit – metropole.ng

The girls, 23-year-old Ejura Opaluwa and 19-year-old Unekwu Opaluwa, were captured during a raid by a gang of armed robbers. 

The positive news was delivered to Metropole Magazine by an uncle of the abducted sisters, Amadi Opaluwa. However, he refused to disclose whether the family paid ransom in the amount of N150m or not.

The man thanked God for safe return of the girls. He also added that the family intended to hold a press conference the following day.

He added that the family will address a press conference tomorrow. The Abuja Police Public Relations Officer Altine Daniel is also expected to comment on the matter.

Unekwu Opaluwa, Ejura Opaluwa

* Ejura and Unekwu Opaluwa. Photo credit – metropole.ng

The shocking act of kidnapping took place on June 8, 2014, when five gunmen stormed the home of an engineer Samson Opaluwa, located at Associated Estate, No. 55, Impresit Camp, Karmo. The hoodlums have also robbed everyone in the house of their valuables.

At first, they did not intend to abduct the girls. However, the bandits have been allegedly disappointed with the amount of money and valuables recovered during the attack, therefore they decided to abduct the sisters.

The kidnappers were negotiating their release in strict and firm manner. Firstly, they asked for N200m ransom. A couple of days later they softened their stance and dropped the sum to N150m.

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