Vigilantes Kill Eight Boko Haram Members, Capture One Alive In Borno

A group of vigilante members armed with single-charged hunting rifles have intercepted a group of suspected Boko Haram members in Kwarangilam village, Chibok Local Government Area of Borno State, in the early hours of June 16, 2014, Monday, and killed eight armed terrorists, PremiumTimes reports.

Vigilante group memebers in Kano, Nigeria

* Vigilante group memebers in Kano, Nigeria. Photo credit – PremiumTimes

The group of gunmen started a raid on a peaceful village, located about 15km from the infamous Chibok town, around 3am. What Boko Haram members did not expect was an ambush by local defenders, also known as Civilian JTF.

Boko Haram activities in Borno

* Restless areas of Borno State. Photo credit – BBC

The vigilante members were poorly armed, but they were able to confuse the terrorists and to make them flee, killing eight sect members and capturing one suspect alive. The terrorist was handed over to security operatives in Chibok town.

A spokesman of the Nigeria Vigilante Group, Muhammed Gava, confirmed the development to PremiumTimes reporter, tagged it as a successful operation.

“Our men in the area were aware of the attack and had taken cover to wait for them [Boko Haram gunmen].

“They started the attack by setting fire on houses, shops; and our men began to shoot from their hideouts, which the Boko Haram gunmen could not locate,” the spokesman narrated.

The attackers were force to abort the operations, as they lost their men and were confused by the properly-organised defence of the area.

One of the chiefs of the Civilian JTF, simply identified as Mr Tar lamented improper armament of the vigilantes, urged for provision of better weapons, as well as some necessary accessories, vehicles. 

The vigilante commander insisted that the local defenders would be able to do their job much better if they received any of these.

It would be recalled that successful activities by vigilante members in the neighbouring Adamawa State lead to liquidation and arrests of dozens Boko Haram members. In return the insurgents launch retaliation attacks on villages, during which they search for vigilante members, food and supplies. 

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