Trouble looms In CPP: Chairperson Accused Of Autocratic Tendencies

Three members of the national executive of the Convention People’s Party (CPP) have criticised the Chairperson of the party, Ms Samia Yaaba Nkrumah, for her autocratic tendencies and ambition to become the flagbearer of the party in 2016.

According to a letter addressed to the Chairman, the Council of Elders as well as regional chairmen of the party. The petitioners said all efforts to organise the party from the grassroots level had been frustrated by the chairperson.

The petition was signed by the National Vice-Chairperson, Mrs Susan Adu Amankwah, Second National Vice Chairperson, Rodaline Ayarna, and the third National Vice Chairman, Kweku Oteng Anane.

It said there was a deep leadership crisis in the party which needed to be addressed if it would be able to make any headway in the 2016 elections.

It said there was no consensus building in the party and that on a few occasions that consensus had been built, the chairperson had often set it aside, with the explanation that, “the buck stops with her”.

The petitioners said the long neglect of grassroots activites in favour of press releases and self-promotion had gradually caused despair among the elected leadership, who had become increasingly frustrated and isolated.

They conceded that they shared part of the blame for the current impasse among the leadership.

However, they were of the opinion that if attempts at manipulating the calendar for crucial decision-making continued “we shall yet have another crucial serious crisis in the party”.

“It is simply unacceptable to attempt to delay the road map to congress with the excuse of a database dues payment. The database should be an ongoing process, as we enrol new members and register old members.

“It is a process, not an event. The electronic process will be continued and for generations to come,” they said.

The petitioners said the elected leaders would persue to the best of their ability the attainment of rightful decision-making by consensus and would not tolerate any autocracy.