Let’s Avoid All Those Who Wish Doom For This Country—Prince Koffy

A member of the communication machinery of the ruling National Democratic Congress, Prince Koffy has admonished all Ghanaian s to stay away from people and group of people whose speeches and behavior has the tendency of destroying the nation.

Speaking on ATv’s Saturday morning political show, the young NDC communicator expressed his disappointment about the utterances and actions of the opposition leading members and communicators of the NPP.

“I really don’t get the mentality of these people, it is obvious that, they have nothing good to offer Ghanaian s. Since they are not in power, the NPP thinks the only way they can get back to power is to destroy the country and blame it on President John Mahama”.

Prince Koffy asked Ghanaian s to carefully observe the shenanigan machinations of the NPP.

“The desperation of the NPP for power is very obvious and they are deploying all diabolic means to recapture power. If you genuinely want to demonstrate against happenings in a country which is normal in any democratic regime, what has carrying of coffins got to do with demonstrating against capitation and power fluctuation”?

“Listen to the NPP leaders and communicators talk, as if it is their birth right to always be in the helm of affairs of this country. Their utterances and actions are always insulting and indicting the intelligence of Ghanaian s”.

The NDC prodigy also called on Ghanaians to support the current administration to build and develop the country since a better Ghana is for all of us devoid irrespective of which political party one belongs to.

On the economy, Prince Koffy said an economy that regularly pays civil servants every months with no delay cannot be said to be a broken economy.

” We have economies around the globe that governments are in salary areas of government workers for months, yet their economies are not pronounced as broken”

He He stated that the current economic hardship of Ghana is not perculiar to this administration and could not be due to economic mismanagement from this government as been impune by the NPP and their apparatchiks.

He said that in-spite of the current economic challenges, His Excellency President John Mahama and the NDC administration is on course and will definitely deliver Ghana from the vicious economic challenges that Ghana has been going through as a developing economy.

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