Funny scene at ATP semi-final: Federer wins match and doesn’t even realize it

He’s one of the world’s best tennis players, he has played and won matches in every possible tournament: Roger Federer has truly seen it all. But at the ATP-Tournament in Halle, Germany, something extraordinary happened.

Federer was playing against Japanese star Kei Nishikori in the semi-final. Having won the first set 6-3, the outlooks were good for the Swiss and the score in the second set was 6-6. It was a match-ball for Federer and Nishikori only hit the net – game, set and match for Federer!

The fans were waiting for him to start celebrating but instead the Swiss pro prepared for the next serve. What had happened? The answer is simple: He just hadn’t noticed that he had won the match-ball! Only after a few moments he realized that he had just beaten Nishikori. With a smile Federer ran to the net to shake hands with his opponent.

‘This is the first time this happened to me’, Federer said after the game, ‘the first time in more than 1000 matches.’ The fourth of the world ranking will now face Columbian Alejandro Falla in the final.

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