Vakpo Welcomes Togbega Dadra (V)

Togbega Dra V, Paramount Chief Of Emli Traditional Area And Wife

Togbega Dra V, Paramount Chief Of Emli Traditional Area And Wife

It was all joy and happiness when citizens of Vakpo near Kpando in the Volta Region thronged the streets amidst borborbor music to welcome the Paramount Chief of Emli Traditional Area Togbega Dadra V for his annual visit to his motherland since assuming the throne as a ruler.

Residents defy the rains to adore their son whose mother hails from the town.

Speaking to The Insight in an interview, the Chief said, he found it necessary as custom demands to annually visit the land of his mother’s birth to introduce himself and ask for the goodwill and blessings of the chiefs and people.

Togbega Dra V first visited the home of his maternal grandfather Togbe Awro VIII at Vakpo Todzi where the elders poured libation to welcome him and asked for the blessing of the ancestors.

He then proceeded to the Chiefs palace where a ram was sacrificed to the ancestors.

Family members and residents of Vakpo who spoke to this reporter congratulated the chief on his assumption of the reign of leadership as a chief and prayed for Gods guidance to enable him rule his people with wisdom and be an agent of development.

They commended his wisdom for instituting the annual visit his motherland.

Togbega Dadra V also visited Kpando for a similar event where he interacted with Togbega Dagadu VIII his Matrilineal Paternal grandfather.

Togbega Dadra V assumed Kingship in April 2007 Succeeding Togbega Dadra IV (a.k.a. Victor Tusah) who hails from the Royal Bedede Clan of Emli-Bazeh.

Togbega Dadra V said his vision is to lead an Emli-Bazeh community that becomes a highly fortified state and formidable with guaranteed freedom to profess diverse but safe religions, guaranteed quality education and health care with improved sanitation, water supply and energy sufficiency.

It is also his desire that his people become economically empowered in a modernize Eco Tourism environment and provide a serves as a bastion for the welfare of women, children and the aged.

Togbega Dra V, Paramount Chief Of Emli Traditional Area And Wife
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