Really? Then Ghanaians Should Be Lined Up And Taken To The Morgue Every Morning

The Member of Parliament (MP) for North – Dayi constitution, George Loh has debunked suggestions that politicians must be sent to the morgue on a regular basis to make them less corrupt and humble.

Professor Badu Akosah on Thursday recommended that Ministers and government official must be made to visit the morgue for an hour as a means to check and control corruption in the country.

In his view, this experience would teach them a lesson that would discourage them from becoming corrupt and running down the nation’s coffers.

This proclamation by Mr Akosah has led some politicians including the MP for North Dayi criticizing his view and insisting his recommendation is not potent enough to curb of corruption.

Speaking to Citi News, George Loh noted that, “corruption is a societal problem, how many times haven’t we caught a pastor or civil servant or another person who not a politician engage in corruption”

He added that “if he thinks the morgue is the answer, then all of Ghana should be lined up and taken to the morgue every morning.”

Meanwhile, a political scientist at the University of Ghana, Dr. Evans Aggrey-Darko has supported Professor Akosah’s view saying, it would be nothing different from the legal practice where law students are made to visit prisons before completing their curriculum.

“That is a very serious point that he has made, and I think there is a lot of wisdom in that, what he is looking for is not just the shock therapy or just going to the morgue per say. But this is couched in a language that will make them more humble”

“Why do you think law students are taking into prison, when you ask the lawyers they will tell you that they take them through that situation to make them appreciate the situation in which prisoners live. I have been there before and when you go there and you come home you realize that you have to be more humble,” he added.