Civilian JTF In Maiduguri Nab Key Boko Haram Member Responsible For Mass Killings In Gwoza

A key Boko Haram member was arrested by youths in the capital city of Borno State, Maiduguri, on June 13, 2014, Friday, following a tip-off by a young man who was able to recognize the sect member.

Civilian JTF interrogate a suspected Boko Haram informant

* Civilian JTF interrogate a suspected Boko Haram informant in Maiduguri on May 24, 2014. Photo credit –  ‏@Gidi_Traffic  

The internally displaced person, who helped to bust the terrorist, fled Gwoza area of Borno State, where multiple communities were raided and dozens of people were killed in the past several weeks. 

He was able to recognize the sect member near the Timber Shed along Baga Road, Maiduguri, because this man was the one who had gunned down the brother of the young man.

A local vigilante member told Weekly Trust that the suspect with a plastic bag in his hand was about to enter the Timber Shed, when the refugee raised the alarm and called for help of the Civilian JTF.

The young vigilante, who participated in the arrest, futher narrated that the suspect was neutralised and confessed of being a Boko Haram member for the fear of being lynched. He also promised to provide some useful information, including those that can lead to arrest of other terrorists who have already infiltrated Maiduguri, Kasuwan Gwoza area in particular. In exchange, he asked to spare his life.

The suspect has also confessed killing the brother of the displaced person and many others during terrorist raids on communities. 

The vigilantes believed him and did not kill the sect member on the spot. Instead, they have handed him over to soldiers. 

Civilian JTF works in close contact with security operatives. The youths watch the area and make it difficult for Boko Haram members to operate openly in the Maiduguri metropolis. 

More and more people seek refuge in the city. Over 6,000 left their villages in the month of June only, begging for safety due to endless Boko Haram attacks on villages in Borno State, especially around Bama, Gwoza and Konduga local government areas. 

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