PHOTOS: Ghanaian Actor, Timothy Bentum Starts His Own Church

After organizing 3 successful ‘Hood to Hood’ evangelism tour, an endeavour which aims at winning souls for God via Ghanaian Celebrities sharing motivational and the word of God, ace Actor and way ward child now committed Christian, Timothy Bentum has started a deliverance service.

The service comes off every Saturday, 8 to 11am at the Earlbeam Hotel opposite Nogahill Hotel, 200 meters from Fiesta Royale, off the N1 Highway. According to Timothy Bentum, every Saturday, God shows himself strong at the service as there have been myriad of deliverance of all types.

Sharing with , Timothy Bentum revealed that, there have been astounding testimonies which marvel the congregation every Saturday.

He said “there have been testimonies like disappearing fibroids to awesome healing by Jesus. We pray God continues to lead us to take his people through deliverance.”

Timothy Bentum via this medium invited the general Public to the prayer and deliverance service every Saturday. “Come and meet God and experience Him” Timothy Bentum invited.

Some photos of previous services when you click through.