NDC Wants “Ya Ye Den” Demo Organisers Arrested

The Ashanti Regional Vice Chairman of the Ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC), Mr. Alex Attivor Sawyer has called for the arrest of organizers and leaders of last Tuesday’s “Ya ye den” demonstration which was staged by the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

He claims the demonstration was criminally organised and, therefore, a threat to the security of the country. Speaking to The Chronicle at their newly built office in Kumasi, Mr. Attivor said the way and manner the whole protest was staged gives a clear idea about how NPP is disorganized.

“We will be glad if the NPP will come together for national development issue , but to say government is against the Ashanti Region is criminal”, he said. Mr. Attivor-Sawyer stated that the leaders must be invited for interrogation, about the protest which saw people popping up from different direction in Kumasi to participate.

Mr. Attivor called on the Clergy and stakeholders in the running of the country to call the NPP to order, because so long as the load shedding policy is concerned, Ashanti Region is not being treated differently, saying the energy crisis is a national one and not peculiar to Ashanti alone.

The Regional party vice chairman emphasized that it was of criminal intention for any Ghanaian to say that people of Ashanti Region were being treated differently in the face of the power crisis and called for the arrest of the leaders of the demonstration.

The vice chairman said the NPP could not even contribute any appreciable level of development to the Ashanti Region while in power, when compared with what NDC has done.

Mr. Attivor said “to demonstrate for the mere reason that Ashanti Region is being maligned in the development agenda of the NDC government is unacceptable in our democratic dispensation” an cautioned the NPP to be careful, since Ghanaians are watching them closely.

According to the NDC guru, his concern was premised on the fact that some other region could have protested in demand for a share of the national cake and this could lead into nationwide collision.

He stated that the NPP agitated against economic hardship, but these same people boycotted the National Economic Forum at Senchi, which is a clear indication that the NPP does not have Ghana at heart.

“Isolating Ashanti from Ghana will not help. Think of Ghana first and not Ashanti Region,” he advised, adding “If there is anything you do not understand or unhappy with, you have Parliamentarians in the August House and you can channel your grievances through parliament for proper redress,” he told NPP executives.

Mr. Attivor said Ghanaians are peace-loving people and we will not allow the NPP to mar the peace they are enjoying.

Touching on the one million votes target from the Ashanti Region, ahead of the 2016 General Elections, the Ashanti regional NDC Vice Chairman said President Mahama has put measures in place to arrest the economic hardship in the country and the NDC will sweep the votes from the NPP strong hold.

“Our supporters were intimidated during 2012 General Elections and this time, our supporters are coming out boldly to vote for NDC in the Ashanti Region,” he declared.