Nadeco Association Of Ghana Donates To People Of Central Region

Nadeco Association of Ghana – a group of young and enthusiastic Ghanaian graduates and professionals who have teamed up to offer assistance to the youths, especially, those in the rural areas who find life very difficult, presented some industrial sewing machines, tailoring materials, etc. to the people of Gomoa Potsin in the (Central Region).

The association which has the vision of – bringing smiles to the faces of young children and young adults by providing better access to education and also assisting them to obtain the needed knowledge and develop their entrepreneurial skills and potential for creating jobs and earn better livings, shared with the media that, the vision of the group is not to only present items to the people of Gomoa but rather, they are looking at assisting others across Ghana.

Talking about Gomoa Potsin, the President of the Association and Co-founder, Mr George Addo, revealed that, at their various meetings, they task some various members to find projects that can be used to assist the society, and they came up with, sericulture projects – which involved rearing of worms that produce yarn used for making fabrics.

‘We also identified projects in the processing of salt for local and international market, the production of chalks to be used in our schools, the production of yam and cassava, etc’ the President said.

He stated that, to help understand the above mentioned, the team visited various regions to help acquaint themselves with the reality on the ground so as to be able to directly impact it on the people who are interested in it.

He continued that on 9th February, 2014, the executives of the group attended a one day summit at Gomoa in the Central Region and met the youth of the community to listen to their intentions of what business they want to engage in and after they received many proposals, they decided to assist the tailoring group of about GHC 10,000 to purchase the machines and erect a structure to be used as their place of business.

In a separate chat with Mr George Ekegey Ekeha – Chief Executive Officer of the group, he added that the groups which received the sewing machines have also been assisted by Nadeco officials to win the contract for sowing the school uniforms for Potsin TI Ahamadiya Senior High Schools and two private primary junior high schools in the community.

He said that, the group is a non-governmental organization, so everyone who wants to come in to support the group is welcomed and any graduate who has completed school and wants to be employed through Nadeco are also welcome. The Presentation was attended by some of its executives like: Mustapha Inusah (Media /PR), Freddy Adomako(Organizer), Sally Greene(Finance),Daniel Heziel (Co-coordinator) and Dauda Issaka (Finance Director/Secretary) .

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