Famous Bishop Warns Nigerian Politicians On June 12 Incident

A popular Catholic Bishop of Ekiti Diocese, Most Rev. Felix Femi Ajakaye, has called on Nigerian politicians not to allow a repeat of the June 12, 1993 incident when the people of Ekiti State go to the polls on June 21, 2014 to elect a new governor.

Bishop Ajakaye, who is a member of the ongoing National Conference in Abuja, said this in a statement titled, ‘Between June 12 and June 21,’ to commemorate the annullment of the presidential election held on 12 June, 1993 in Nigeria.

* Bisho Ajakaye

* Bisho Ajakaye

While urging Ekiti people to be peaceful on June 21 and to ensure they are vigilant for their votes to count, the bishop recalled how Nigerians had the freest and fairest election for the late Bashorun Moshood Abiola only for General Ibrahim Babangida to annull the poll.

Ajakaye implored all agencies involved in the Ekiti election to learn lessons from the crisis that followed the attempt to subvert the will of the people during the June 12 election of 1993.

“We should learn to stop chasing the shadow and be original in our words and deeds.

“This year is the 21st celebration of June 12 and on Saturday, June 21, 2014, there will be governorship election in Ekiti State, the Land of Honour.

“Both numbers, 12 and 21, are special and if we interchange them, putting 2 before 1, 12 becomes 21, and when we put 1 before 2, 21 becomes 12.


“Thus, both dates are symbolic. June 21 election in Ekiti State is a catalyst to the subsequent elections in Osun State in August 9, 2014, and the general elections in 2015.

“Therefore, I urge all those concerned, the principal actors – the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), security agencies, politicians and the electorate, to be honourable and peaceful in nature and character before, during and after the June 21 gubernatorial election in Ekiti State,” the cleric stressed while stating the symbolism of June 12 and June 21.


He continued: “Once again, I appeal to the principal actors at the June 21, 2014, Ekiti State governorship election, particularly those presiding, not to soil and tarnish their names and image.

“They must not destroy their tomorrow today. I also remind them that rigging is corruption. An election rigger can never be a true reformer.

“Inevitably, June 12 is symbolic and the symbol of June 12, Chief Abiola, needs to be genuinely honoured.”

It could be recalled that there have been reported cases of political killings and assassinations in Ekiti State recently with the two major parties in the state, PDP and APC, accusing themselves of being responsible for the killings.

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