Boko Haram Ransack Villages For Foods To Feed ThemSelves & Abducted Chibok Girls

Following the abduction of over 200 Chibok school girls in Borno on April 14, the Boko haram sects have resorted to invading villages in search of foods to feed themselves and the girls in their captivity.

Boko Haram terrorists

Boko Haram terrorists

According to a local security personnel who is also a leader of the local vigilante in Damboa local government area of Borno State said: “They are always after every kind of food that they see, they have taken away more than 1000 cows, rams, sheep and goats after killing the people and burning their homes.

The vigilante leader who sought anonymity because of the sensitive nature of the matter, said: “They need food to survive in Sambisa, and now that the rains are getting heavier, it will be difficult for them to move about, so I believe the large quantity of food they have stolen and carted away into the bush was a stockpiling strategy of being able to feed even when the terrain is difficult to traverse.”

It was reported in May that residents of these communities where the Boko haram insurgents ransack disclosed that the insurgents were usually satisfied when communities raised money for them towards “God’s work,” but lately they had stepped up their activities by invading the villages and carting away food items.

Meanwhile talks on how to rescue the abducted Chibok school girls are still going on. Although the secret negotiator, Dr Stephen Davis hired by President Jonathan to help with the rescue mission said some of the girls have fallen ill and need medical treatment.

Just yesterday, Former President, Olusegun Obasanjo who already had a meeting with Boko Haram mediators thinks the best option now is for the government to negotiate with the Insurgents was quoted as saying: “I believe that some of them will never return. We will still be hearing about them many years from now. Some will give birth, but if they cannot take care of them in the forest, they may be released.”

The Boko Haram sects have been responsible for several attacks and massacre in Borno state and some other Northern states in the country.

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