Unity, Focus And Hardwork Should Be Our Aim – Kufuor

Former President of Ghana John Agyekum Kufuor called on party members remain focused and united, mobilise resources and work harder than ever to win the 2016 elections.

Former President J.A. Kufuor was addressing a business breakfast organised by the Young Executive Forum of the NPP UK branch. He said he was pleased and excited to see vibrant, committed and dedicated minds who are ready to support and work for the party back home.

Also attending the event were Mr Michael Ansah NPP UK Chairman, Mr Alex Dadey, YEF UK Chairman, Madam Otiko Djaba, NPP National Women’s Organiser and Mr Hayford Atta Krufi, Former Chairman, NPP UK. The ex-President told the audience that UP/NPP tradition’s core values, were respect for the constitution, rule of law and respect for human rights. This is the platform that allows countries including Ghana to succeed. He said respect for private initiatives would encourage and develop ideas to propel the country’s growth, “had God wanted all of us to think and act alike he would have given all of us a single head”, to loud applause. The ex-President spoke of the right to own property and the importance of not denying anyone of that right. He credited JB Danquah for the vision.

The ex-President said that since our independence, the Nkrumahist ideology has ruled the country for over 45 years, the Danquah-Busia-Dombo tradition has ruled for just over 10 years.

He said the little time that has come the Danquah-Busia-Dombo
tradition’s way has been beneficial and has touched every single Ghanaian in a positive way. The Busia administration lasted just over two years but there is evidence for all to see in all areas of Ghana even up to today. Health centres all over our nation, feeder roads, policy formations and many more. Unfortunately the soldiers and the Nkrumahists did not allow the good work of the administration to continue.

The NPP did not come to power again until the year 2000 and the evidence all over the country (and the world), testifies that the eight years of NPP rule was the best that the country had enjoyed.

Our opponents praise the achievements of the NPP in private, yet they criticise the Party in public as “one cannot expect the rival wife to praise the other’s good cooking in public” The facts are clear for all to see he said to thunderous applause. The former President stated clearly, the NPP should work hard to achieve power. He warned that inspite of the incumbent performing badly, victory for the NPP will not be guaranteed without unity and hard work. He advised that the Party should work with the constitution to achieve unity and fight the opposition to win power.

The Party will at all times support and rally behind the winner of the internal elections. He strongly believed that the party’s presidential primaries should be open to all for the best person to win. He stressed that “it takes one man to kill elephant for a whole village to eat”. We should be in the position to support who ever wins the primaries. The ex-President said he was saddened by the current state at of the country, ranging from the economy, corruption, to health and education and many issues which are known to every single Ghanaian. Ghanaians he said, needed salvation and that the NPP must rise to the challenge of recapturing power. The meeting ended with the former president and members of the YEF and guests networking and interacting.