NDC Panic Meeting …Over ‘Ya Ye Den’ Demo

The ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) has been hit hard by the overly successful and unprecedented demonstration organized last Tuesday by the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) against what the party claims are the strenuous economic hardships and unfulfilled promises of the President Mahama-led administration.

Reports available to The Chronicle indicate that the ruling party was caught in a serious dilemma as to whether it should organize a counter demonstration in response to the one by their political rivals or allow the status quo to remain.

A close source told The Chronicle that officials of the ruling party held a meeting yesterday after receiving instructions from ‘above’ to organize a counter demonstration but could, however, not reach a consensus on how to go about it.

After several deliberations, however, the executives arrived at the conclusion that staging counter demonstration would not be the best idea, as there was no guarantee that it would be successful as that of the NPP.

They, however, agreed that the party must officially respond to claims made by the opposition party during the protest.

The acting Regional Secretary of the party, Mr. Raymond Tandoh, told The Chronicle that there was a meeting and that the party plans to hold a press conference to respond to the numerous allegations made by the NPP and to set the records straight, for everyone to see.

Mr. Tandoh said the NDC intended to lay bare, all the projects the government had undertaken in the Ashanti Region, “to prove to all that the NDC administration is not discriminatory as being alleged by the NPP.

“The idea of staging a counter demonstration was never discussed but rather what we have decided to do is to set the records straight, tell Ghanaians with hard evidence, the number of laudable projects undertaken by the NDC over the years.”

The acting Regional Secretary also denied the assertion that the party was concerned about the massive crowd recorded at the demonstration, stressing” that the NDC is not surprised by the huge number because Ashanti Region is the stronghold of the NPP.”