NDC Is Addicted To “Corruption And Failure” – CPP

Some might be hooked on hard drugs and find it extremely difficult to break from the act, but when it comes to the National Democratic Congress’ addiction, it is simply “corruption and failure“.

This was an observation made by the Communications Direction for the Convention People’s Party, Nii Armah Akomfrah in an interview with Peacefmonline.com.

“It appears some form of addiction is keeping them in a box. Inasmuch as others try to help them come out of it, they (NDC) want us to remain in it. Whichever way we turn, corruption in the form of GYEEDA, SUBAH, SADA faces us”, he said.

According to him, not only has the current NDC administration proven to Ghanaians that they are addicted to corruption; but have explicitly shown that failure also forms part of their addiction.

As a politician, he wondered why the party could not wean itself of this bad addiction but continued to display it from time to time.

“They (NDC) lifted up their hands and confessed to Ghanaians that they are at their wits end regarding finding solutions to the country’s economic crisis. But what did we see after the infamous Senchi Conference was organized? The outcome was that the consensus they came up with is still rooted in their failure. This shows they are addicted to failure”, he posited.