Ministry to launch Energy conservation campaign

The Ministry of Energy will on Friday launch an energy conservation campaign aimed at conserving energy which is already in short supply.

Deputy Energy Minister John Jinapor is praying Ghanaians would buy into the programme to ameliorate what has become a difficult energy situation in the country.

Ghanaians are enduring power outages in yet another era of load shedding. Over 300 megawatts of power is being shed as a result of breakdown in plants, limited supply of gas and water shortage in the Bui Dam.

Residential users as well as business owners have been complaining about the outages.

As the world cup begins Thursday, the ranting from the public who fear they would miss matches has been heightened.

The Deputy Energy Minister John Jinapor told Joy News government is working tirelessly to resolve the crisis.

He said in the coming days about 250 megawatts will be added after repairs works on TICO AND TAFCO.

However the Deputy Minister is making a huge appeal for energy conservation, a programme which would be launched on Friday.

He said they have realised that any time it rains and the weather is cold, they are able to conserve about 20 megawatts of each day.

He said if energy is used efficiently more megawatts would be saved in a month.

John Jinapor said for those who claim they do not have power at all, the little they have can be used efficiently.

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